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Panchkarma Benefits


Panchakarma eliminates toxins from your body and mind


Panchakarma strengthens your entire immune system


Enhances your strength, energy and mental clarity


It improves the strength of your digestive juices

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The genesis of Panchakarma lies in two Sanskrit words, Pancha meaning five and Karma meaning actions. So the implication here is that of five treatments that render your bodily system to be in a state of extreme wellness.

The aim here is to remove wasteful ama from your body and ensure a state of balance by getting rid of excess Doshas that may have crept in over time. As a means of purifying your body right down to the tissues, few treatment methods come anywhere close to Panchakarma.

Services that we offer as a part of our Panchakarma treatment regimen include:


Excess mucus that leads to respiratory conditions such as allergies are treated appropriately with Nasya using special herbal oil drops that are inhaled through the nose. Read More »


Shirodhara is a unique Panchakarma treatment method where herbal oil is gently poured on the forehead. This gives a unique soothing sensation to both the mind as well as the body. Read More »


One of the most powerful Panchakarma treatments, Basti involves removing toxins out of the system through the colon. Basti also works on ensuring that Ayurvedic medicines reach desired blood cells and tissues. Read More »


Abhyangam Panchakarma treatment involves a deep-tissue body massage using specially prepared herbal oils. This treatment not only relaxes the system, it also improves circulation and helps get rid of bodily impurities. Read More »

Treatments and Services

We provide Ayurvedic Consulting for various diseases and provide ayurvedic treatments like
Nasya, Snehan, Svedan, Virechan, Shirodhara and Shirobasti etc.
We also provide various type of cosmetic and laser treatment services

Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultation for various diseases
and pulse diagnosis and suggestions
for diet and medicines.

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Ayurvedic Therapies

Years of experience in curing
diseases via ancient ayurvedic
therapies like panchkarma

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Cosmetic Services

Let the organic way of ayurveda help
you boost your beauty with face
polishing, hair removal & more.

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We blend latest technologies with priceless, oldest science to cure and to be Cool, Calm & Peaceful. To cure all types of diseases we provide
consultation and dispensing of medicines and our own personalized formula.


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