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Nasya in Sanskrit refers to aspects benefiting the nose and hence the treatment here is done through the nasal route. Special Ayurvedic herbal oils and formulations are passed through the nasal cavity and these help treat disorders of the eyes, nose, throat (or ENT) as well as the teeth.

Nasya Treatment

Nasya is especially useful with treating allergies such as persistent cough. Migraine, throat congestion, sneezing, headache, sinus can all be effectively dealt with by Nasya.

Moreover, other conditions that one would not typically associate with the nasal route such as hair fall as well as dental ailments can also be treated with Nasya.

Additionally, practicing Nasya treatment procedures in the long term can also have a positive psychological and psychosomatic impact on the system.

Types of Nasya treatment typically depend on the kind of oil or any other item used in the process. Instances include:

This is sedative treatment where decoctions with herbs like Neem and Vacha are used.

This uses decoctions such as fruit juices and medicated oils.

Since this is nutritional treatment, you will find medicated milk, ghee, oils, as well as extracts from herbs such as Ashwagandha and Shankhpushpi being used.

Everyday oil or ghee is used for overall health and wellbeing of young and old alike.

This is cleansing Nasya using special powders such as Brahmi that help cleanse the entire nasal cavity and trachea to keep it free of various illnesses.

Nasya typically mandates adherence to timings at which treatment is administered. Ideally, these timings must be followed once Nasya treatment is undertaken.

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