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Swedan Ayurvedic treatment refers to the administration of steam after Snehan or Abhyangam. This steam plays a vital role in relieving the system of toxins which would have been released through the Abhyangam process. Effective Swedan mandates regular treatment, especially after Snehan as it opens up pores, allowing toxins to be eliminated most effectively.

Sirobasti refers to the application of special oils on the head which ensure holistic healing and wellness. A specially ensconced object is placed on the head and oils are poured onto it. These oils are meant to be retained on the head within the object for a specific period of time, which ultimately goes onto ensure optimal wellness of not just the head but the entire system.

Udvarthana in Sanskrit literally means upward movement. This Ayurvedic treatment involves using special herbal powders and oils to massage the body moving up from below. So starting from the feet, one goes up with Udvarthana. Even while massaging the back, one starts from the lower back and moves upwards during the course of Udvarthana.

Nasyam is Ayurvedic treatment administered through the nose. Since this treatment is done through the nostrils, it proves to be very effective in problematic conditions in this area such as sinusitis, migraine, and cough. Nasyam also helps prevent premature greying of hair and indeed premature aging as a whole.

Snehpanam involves the administration of special medicinal ghee through the mouth. Snehpanam is most effective when performed in the morning on an empty stomach. Snehpanam is looked at as a preparatory Panchakarma treatment since it prepares the system for additional treatments.

Kizhi comes from the Malayalam language spoken in Kerala, South India. Here small satchels are filled with unique herbal powders or herbal leaves which are then used to massage the body, especially the back. Kizhi is extremely useful for managing pain and reducing stress. Arthritis and spondylitis patients particularly benefit from Kizhi.

Also referred to as Rasayana Chikitsa, this rejuvenation therapy involves intense massage sessions of the complete body including the head and the face, with each session lasting for three to four hours, over a week to a fortnight’s duration. Massaging is done completely by hand using special medicated oils and creams.

This is a comprehensive treatment package aimed at holistically treating the entire body by attaining an optimal balance of pitta, kapha and vata. Treatment goes on for 15 days with intensive sessions of Nasyam, Snehapanam, Shirovasthi, Abhyangam, Vamanam, Tharpanam (cleaning of the eyes), and Pizhichil to name a few.

Also referred to as Kayakalpa Chikitsa, the objective here is to improve longevity and therefore in a sense, defy aging. Treatment goes on for 28 days with Rasayana (a special Ayurvedic diet) being central to the process. Typical treatments include Vamanam, Snehapanam, Nasyam, Karnapooram (cleaning of ears), and of course full body massage.

This is a unique beautification programme utilizing Ayurvedic, herbal products to ensure you remain pristine and glowing. Items used include herbal oils, herbal powders and pastes, etc. all of which are applied suitably to ensure you have the desired skin complexion as well as an overall beautified self which you have always yearned for.

Tharpanam involves cleaning up the eyes as per Ayurvedic principles. Thanks to Tharpanam, the eyes receive a whole new level of treatment, lending the optic nerve with enhanced strength and vigour. Moreover, the herbs and oils used in Tharpanam have a soothing, cooling effect on the eyes.

Karna referring to the ears in Sanskrit, Karnapooram involves applying medicated oils or fumes to the ears for short spans of time, typically from anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. This helps keep the ears clean while also ensuring that they remain protected from a number of ailments they are commonly susceptible to.

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