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“Ayu” means life and “Raksha” means Protection. In short, AYURAKSHA stands for protecting health in a Vedic way. Yes, we apply ancient AYURVEDA practices in the best applicable way to eradicate one from physical as well as psychosomatic disorder.

Shirodhara Treatment

With over 2 decades of experience in the AYURVEDA system, Dr. Gargi – the owner of AYURAKSHA has successfully cured the diseases and provided a happy rejuvenate feeling to their patients. She started her career by serving at M.A. Podar ayurvedic hospital at Worli, Mumbai. Dr. Gargi worked for AYURVEDA awareness program on different TV channel, and on various ayurveda cure. Even, National television of India has broadcasted over 40 Ayurvedic practices programmes under Dr. Gargi.From infertility to chronic and stubborn diseases, Dr. Gargi has successfully cured diseases with her experienced knowledge and implementation of AYURVEDA.

AYURVEDA has existed as a system of medicine – both as curative and preventive in Indian history. AYURVEDA is a art and science of life. It guide us in a very right and strong way which leads to you for physically healthy life. Further AYURVEDA teaches you that how you can live healthy with your mind and can uplift your spiritual level.

AYURAKSHA clinic follows the basic ayurvedic treatment and scientific panchakarma treatment to cure and prevent general chronic and stubborn diseases. No matter weather its any serious illness or chronic illness – we make sure that your body gets utmost protection through our best Ayurvedic treatments. Feel free to contact us and we are happy to serve. In Ahmedabad  we are running pure ayurvedic clinic with panchakarma centre, where she treat many patients with chronic diseases with panchakarma therapy. Specially working on infertility, obesity and related and chronic disease. In AYURAKSHA , we made many medicines, many yog or compositions for our patients.

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Treatments and Services

We provide Ayurvedic Consulting for various diseases and provide ayurvedic treatments like
Nasya, Snehan, Svedan, Virechan, Shirodhara and Shirobasti etc.
We also provide various type of cosmetic and laser treatment services

Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultation for various diseases
and pulse diagnosis and suggestions
for diet and medicines.

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Ayurvedic Therapies

Years of experience in curing
diseases via ancient ayurvedic
therapies like panchkarma

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Cosmetic Services

Let the organic way of ayurveda help
you boost your beauty with face
polishing, hair removal & more.

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Begin a Journey to a Perfect Life

We blend latest technologies with priceless, oldest science to cure and to be Cool, Calm & Peaceful. To cure all types of diseases we provide
consultation and dispensing of medicines and our own personalized formula.


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