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Roopasvi oil

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Roopasvi Skin Oil is a unique and balanced formulation for your skin.

Roopsavi skin oil is use for dry, rough and anti wrinkled, pigmented and undernourished skin.

This product is for application and one can use as a body massage oil also. It will give you smoothness and evenness. You can use Roopasvi oil for creaked, and infected skin also. It is soothing to sun or wind burn, it posses anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, antioxidant,property, with natural vit A,B1,B2,B3 Folic acid and Vit E. It has minerals like Copper, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus, Zinc, Carotenoid Compound and VitC. It is energy rejuvenation and tighten facial skin, fast penetrating,improving the complexion,useful for cuts and wounds. It helps to balance skin tone. It is remedy for soothing effect and flawless skin.

Roopasvi Skin Oil

Roopasvi Skin Oil By AyuRaksha

How to use :
You can apply daily for dry and rough skin. Take 20 to 30 drops of oil gently massage on skin,keep it over night and wash it in the morning. For body massage take Roopasvi oil and massage it  for 30 to 45 minutes, this oil will fast penetrate in the skin and then gradually your skin tone will change. For facial instead of cream you can massage as a facial oil, for men they can use aftershave for smooth hair, for creaked skin daily rub it gently on affected area For darkness on neck, knee, ankle and on face, massage gently with this oil, for sun wind burn, aging effect,or dark , black grey or brown pigmented skin regular usage of this skin oil will gives you a brighter, lighter skin tone, with smooth skin.

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How to beat acidity, it is a common issue for everyone now a days !

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For acidity:

If you have this kind of symptoms; constipation , gas, sour burping headache,nausea, stomach pain, fullness of stomach,loss of apititeand sometimes vomiting with foul smell.

Reason;ayurved belives that aggraveted pitt dosh is main reason, which incresed by sour , spicy and salty food, deepfried, food, nonveg food ,curd,pickles,papad refined floour, bakery and firmented food items,hot drinks like tea, coffee, tobacco,liqure,carbonated drinks,iregular eating habits, stress and lack of sleep can be one of the reason for acidity.


Few things to do regularly:

Detoxe with medicines, regular bowel movement should be there. Cow milk, warm milk, aamla. Mishri, banana, grapes, munkka, kheera , jeera, rose, saunf,coriender seeds are useful.

In herbs trifala, shatavari, , jaggery, sugarcane juice, sweet melon, cardemome , isap gul are very helpful in acidity problems.

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